"I am in deep gratitude to both of you for your wisdom and ability to share in words something that is beyond words! 


You are both magnificent is supporting me in capturing the essence of the wisdom.  It’s making a huge difference. 


I love being a student of both of you and am so blessed."


Robin M










"They say the teacher arrives when the student is ready to listen. I have learned so much from you both. It's not only your words, it's standing near your vibration that shows me what is possible.


You are a powerful team...a perfect combination of energies.


I am so grateful. It has changed my life just the short time I have been with you. I feel like a different person. I feel like a better person with the ability to choose how I want to feel and be in this world. That's an amazing gift!  It all seems so simple now, why did this human make it so complicated?"


Nancy C

"What a gift you both imparted. No words can suffice: “wow” comes closest. The spiritual erudition, the clarity, the genuine presence and your in-the-moment reaching and finding words that communicated spiritual depth and wisdom: “wow” again.


Not to mention (well, I’ll mention it) what a revelation to witness the synergy of your co-teaching. Thanks to both of you."


Ken S