Anokhi Online Dispensary

Anokhi Online Dispensary
Welcome to the Anokhi Institute Dispensary!

Even when we have the time and energy to attend to our personal well-being through nutrition and lifestyle choices, supplements can be an essential component to our overall well-being.

My intention is to provide you the highest quality health-professional grade supplements at the lowest sustainable cost. To this end, all products in the Anokhi Dispensary via Wellevate by Emerson Ecologics are always offered at a 25% discount.

In the grand beauty of our outer world, there is a grim reality that it is a polluted and toxic place. The chaos and uncertainty of these times puts burdens on our immune system and our ability to manage stress. In essence, we live in a time and place that depletes our nutrient stores in our attempt to maintain healthy balance. Our bodies have the inherent wisdom for good health, yet we often need to support that wisdom with the resource of supplements.

If you prefer a consultation to help determine your supplement needs, please fill out the Contact Anokhi form and we can schedule an appointment to discuss your personal needs.