August Immersion: Beyond Forgiveness - Opening to True Healing

True Healing transcends the egoic need for forgiveness. True Healing addresses the deeper, more primal wound of the ego – that of separation. While forgiveness presupposes and reinforces our sense of separation, True Healing opens us to our own Essential Nature and Greater Oneness.  

Starting Saturday, August 14, from 3:00 - 5:30pm PDT  

Join Tovah and Ted in exploring the true nature of the Healing Journey needed to open more fully to our Spiritual Identity.  

This month of Elul is a period of preparation for the High Holy Days. It is a time of self-reflection on the year past and an opportunity for deeper spiritual commitment in the year to come. Traditionally, Elul is also a time of forgiveness - forgiving others, forgiving self, and asking for forgiveness.  

Through teachings, discussions, meditations, and spiritual practices, we discover the consequences of the Forgiveness model and explore what is truly needed for our spiritual unfolding: 

  • the three levels of forgiveness – forgiving, letting go, and healing 
  • the ways that forgiveness reinforces our sense of egoic identity and separateness 
  • the nature of True Healing the deep wound of our perceived separateness 
  • the process of transcending forgiveness to a greater sense of Oneness 

This is the final monthly immersion in our 8-month Spiral of Personal and Spiritual Transformation. Each month offers specific teachings and practices to help us realize the essential nature of our being, as well as opportunities for deeper conversation and experience. This sacred Spiral is modeled on the spiritual wisdom contained within the ancient Exodus story, and the commitment to journey from ego-enslavement, through the Wilderness, to touching Enlightenment.

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Cost for the Full August Immersion: $61

August Immersion Details and Dates:

The Three Aspects of the Program combine teaching and experiential learning, an additional time for deeper intellectual understanding, and participation through ceremony to move beyond the intellect and into a greater Knowing.

  • Experiential Workshop: Saturday, August 14th, from 3:00 - 5:30pm PDT  - via Zoom
  • Monday "Office Hours" for deeper conversation and exploration of the topic of the month. 
    • 12:00-1:00pm PDT, August 16, 23, 30, September 6th
  • Monthly Sacred Ceremonies: 
    • New Moon Evening of Sacred Chant: Monday, August 9th, at 6:30pm PDT
    • Shamanic Kabbalat Shabbat: Friday, August 20th, starting at 7:30pm PDT

The Weekly Office Hours and Monthly Ceremonies are optional offerings to deepen and enhance the richness of the monthly workshop. Come to all offerings or join us for whatever dates work for you.

The 2021 Schedule of Monthly Immersion - Teachings and Practices
(Each monthly immersion start on the second Saturday at 3:00-5:30pm PT)

  • January 9: Sacred Intentions vs. New Year’s Resolutions
    Embodying Liberation vs Attaining Enlightenment

  • February 13: The Ego as a Case of Mistaken Identity
    Realizing and Releasing our Enslavement to Egoic Limitations

  • March 11: Spiritual Courage: Opening to Yes
    Preparing for the Wilderness Journey into the Unknown

  • April 10: Spiritual Endurance
    Practices to Sustain Ourselves on the Journey

  • May 8: Challenges of the Spiritual Path
    Addressing the Rebellions of the Ego

  • June 12: Spiritual Dimensions of the Name of God
    Revelation: Opening to our Greater Knowing

  • July 10: Deepening Meditation and Breathwork
    Moving Beyond Fear to Greater Awareness

  • August 14: Beyond Forgiveness - Opening to True Healing
    Journeying from this Year to the Next